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Thomas Baart

September 2020

In last month’s update, I was running behind on shipping orders. The delay was quite long, and I’ve since reduced it to about a two week delay between you placing an order and me shipping it out. I’m working long hours to get this back to within...

Thomas Baart

August 2020

The past month has been my busiest month yet: I’ve moved between offices, the MBK group buy got delivered, the missing screws landed on their feet, and the month before (June) saw more than twice as many orders as I’m used to. On top of that, I’ve...

Thomas Baart

Mid July 2020

Usually, I post an update once a month. However, this month is filled to the brim, so I want to get the news out a bit earlier so that you know what’s the latest. Without further ado, the mid July update! In this update: * Moving to a new space;...

Thomas Baart

June 2020

This month truly did go by in a flash. It’s been my busiest month yet, with many things in progress both for current and for future projects. So, without further ado, this month’s update! Product updates First, product updates. The Corne LP Group Buy started on the first...

Thomas Baart

May 2020

Before you know it, it’s time for the next update, so here we go! This month, there’s been a lot going on behind the scene. I’ve filled most orders that contained custom cases, and made some way to get the custom Kyrias done. There are still many...

Thomas Baart

April 2020

Time really does fly, April passed by in a blip, and here we are in May already. In this post you’ll read about what COVID-19 does to your order, the new laser cutter, new products I’ve added to the store, and about Kyria+ development. The Continued impact of...

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