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Thomas Baart

October 2022

A long overdue update! We’ve been quite busy the past year, and have neglected to update the blog for a good while. What changed? Almost too much for a blog post, so fasten your seat belts, here we go! New products Group buys We’ve held a few group...

Thomas Baart

July 2021

There hasn’t been an update for quite a while, but it’s not for naught — there’s a lot of good news in this update! There’s virtually no delay anymore on orders and support tickets, development on new products has started once again, the shipping situation to the...

Thomas Baart

March 2021

We’re moving along quickly into the new year, it turns out it’s March already! Having skipped the February update, we’re long overdue for this new post, where I’ve collected the news for the last and the current month both. First up: there’s unfortunately no news...

Thomas Baart

January 2021

A new year, a new update! This update will be aimed at looking forward: what’ll be in store for 2021, and what are we working on at the moment? In this update: * New products: Gazzew Silent Linear switches, Gazzew Boba U4 RGB switches; * Some news about MBK keycaps; * A...

Thomas Baart

November 2020

November, already! First things first: as of the last week of October, there are no more shipping delays on in-stock orders! This means that the lead time for in-stock items is currently up to three work days, though often faster. This means that as far as normal orders go, I’...

Thomas Baart

October 2020

Another month, another update! Both fortunately and unfortunately, I’m still running behind on shipping orders. Fortunately because I can keep the lights on, and unfortunately because you’ll have to wait on your much-anticipated box for a little while longer. In this update, you’ll read about new products,...

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