In last month’s update, I was running behind on shipping orders. The delay was quite long, and I’ve since reduced it to about a two week delay between you placing an order and me shipping it out. I’m working long hours to get this back to within the three days I usually aim for, though I’m not there just yet.

So, with this update: New products and group buy and order updates. I’ll be keeping this one short and sweet, you’re always welcome to come chat on our Discord server if you have questions!

The information in the Frequently Asked Questions of last month’s update still holds true. Thank you for your patience while I work to ship your order!

New products


Gazzew Boba U4 Switches

Silent and very tactile, these new switches by the switch designer Gazzew are a breath of fresh air. All bump and no pretravel, they require no lubing to be at their best. You can purchase them now at!


Zima Macropad Group Buy

With a little less than two weeks to go before the group buy ends, now is your chance to preorder one of these macropads. With room for twelve keys, it’s the size of a creditcard: ideal for some common shortcuts or macros that you need to access without a layer.



The Nice!Nano is a new entry in the list of microcontrollers. It replaces a Pro Micro or Elite C to make your keyboard wireless. Not for the faint of heart, this does require some technical skill to use, but once you do you can get rid of the cables on your keyboard!

Group buy and order updates


Corne LP Group Buy

I’ve kitted the Corne LP kits, and will be shipping them over the course of the first week of this month. There are some extras, and along with boardsource, we’ve ordered some more extras because many of you have asked for them. You can preorder one of these extras now:


Custom Encoder Knobs

They’re coming back! A new manufacturer is now working to let these become a reality once again. It’ll be roughly two more months before they get done, so you can expect a limited number to be back in stock before year’s end. And something more… they’ll be available in both silver and matte black!


Built to Order Kyrias

At some point I offered custom Kyrias, which I hand-assembled. The demand proved to be quite overwhelming, so last month I started cooperating with a British keyboard builder to speed up assembly proper. The first of three batches has now been finished, and I’ll be shipping them out shortly, with the second batch being worked on shortly as well.

The build service for the Kyria is currently not being offered. It will be again at some point in the future, once I have a way to not keep you waiting for them.

A Kyria Update

It’s been a bit of a silent release: revision 1.3 of the Kyria. This version introduces support for an upcoming accessory, called the Tenting Puck. With this accessory, you can easily mount any camera tripod to your keyboard, allowing you to tent and tilt it precisely the way you want it. Along with the accessory, I’ve selected a small number of tripods that I recommend to use with it, ranging from very small tripods that fit into your pocket, to larger tripods that allow for extreme tenting angles.

All Kyrias that are purchased from this moment on, and all Kyrias that have been ordered but not shipped will be revision 1.3. Most Kyrias that have been shipped in the past week will be revision 1.3 as well.

Cases that ship with the 1.3 revision will have four extra holes in the switch plate. This allows you to easily retrofit the tenting puck without having to desolder anything. If you’re not using the puck, these holes will not impact usage of the keyboard. I’m looking forward to sharing more news with you in a future update!

Wrapping up

And that concludes yet another update. If you have any questions or would just like to chat, you’re welcome to join our Discord server. And if you’re looking for pictures only, check out our Instagram!

As always, thank you very much for reading these blog posts. See you next time!

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